Bored in Suburbia: The Solution

When I think about how almost every Friday night in high school was spent driving around aimlessly with a few friends in the backseat, I can’t believe I didn’t go completely insane. We had our routes, driving by houses belonging to older boys we thought were cute, huge mansions with lush front yards, sometimes stopping in a parking lot to people watch.

Reverting back to that way of life after two years in a big city seemed almost impossible, leaving my friends and me up to the impossible task of finding something exciting to do on the weekends.

When I heard about the new Pinterest-y, hip trend of decorating mugs with sharpies, and then baking them like you would another piece of pottery, I fell in love with the idea. It seemed like the perfect way to spend a summer evening, and obviously, decorating mugs wasn’t enough. I needed to turn this into an event. 

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I started out with the most important part of the craft, the mugs! Depending on how many you need, you can find tons of cheap ceramic mugs on Amazon. There were seven of us, so I ordered two packs of four for about $45.

Next came the markers! After doing my research, I found out that in order to do this craft correctly, you needed Sharpie oil-based paint pens. Which are expensive. So, I went for some regular old oil-based paint markers from Michael’s.

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I held what I deemed to be my “mug party” at 8 PM, so I didn’t need to worry about serving dinner. I did, however, make sure I had plenty of snacks. I made some cupcakes with vanilla buttercream which got rave reviews, and laid out some cheese, crackers, grapes, chips, and dip. I also made a simple wine spritzer, because who doesn’t like pretty drinks.

I made sure to have music playing and also printed out some designs I found on Pinterest and Etsy, and made sure to provide my WiFi password so everyone could find their own designs if they wanted.

Overall, the night was a great success. Things aren’t like they were in high school anymore. People are busier and it’s simply harder for everyone to get together and hang out, and it felt so good to finally spend some quality time together.

You can obviously go as far or as little as you want to with these kinds of nights. I decided I basically wanted to do a full-on food party, but what’s great about these crafts is you can build anything off of them. I can totally picture an outdoor picnic mid-afternoon, or a potluck where everyone comes and eats and crafts.

Coming home from college for the summer is difficult. We’re leaving our nonstop lives for quieter ones, and it’s easier to get hung up on the same old pizza and movie nights that we’re used to. And, I’m definitely not going back to driving around my town like a crazy person.

Directions I followed

Cupcake Recipe

Frosting Recipe

Wine Spritzer 



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